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The Levant Foundation

The Levant Foundation is a private, non-profit organization committed to the furthering of knowledge about Middle Eastern culture and history and the complex interrelations of the three monotheistic religions born in the Middle East: Christianity, Islam and Judaism. Operating in an increasingly diverse society, the Foundation is committed to cooperation with universities, institutions of fine art, and with religious and research institutions to sponsor and fund artistic, academic and educational programs.

To date, the Levant Foundation has sponsored or funded several programs emphasizing subject matters that contribute to intellectual enrichment and foster multi-cultural understanding. Once a program is funded, the Foundation continues to work with grant recipients in order to ensure that the funds donated meet the intended objectives and the projects and institutions receive the maximum benefit.

"In our initiatives we expect to renew equilibrium in international relations, encourage dialogue, and generate a climate conducive to wider sense of democracy. We need to bring those who are marginalized and vulnerable back to the mainstream of humanity.  The Levant Foundation is a contribution - hopefully significant - towards restoring both reason and faith."

Jamal Daniel