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Rania and Jamal Daniel Presidential Dining Room, Campus of Texas A&M and Points of Light Institute

Jamal and Rania Daniel have been strong supporters to the values and vision represented by the George Bush Presidential Library located on the campus of Texas A&M University and in 2007, they were honored with the Presidential Dining Room at the Annenberg Presidential Conference Center on campus having been named, “The Rania and Jamal Daniel Presidential Dining Room.”  The Presidential Library, Museum and Conference Center is a state of the art facility dedicated to the preservation, research and exhibition of official records, personal papers and memorabilia of this nation’s 41st President, Mr. George H.W. Bush, as well as serving as a location offering students and faculty opportunities to host discussions with current world leaders.  The library offers a tranquil setting affording one the opportunity to learn from the past to shape the future.  The Daniels also joined President Bush and Senator Sam Nunn in actively supporting the “Points of Light Institute,”  an organization dedicated to encouraging volunteerism to create an engaged citizenry where every individual has the opportunity to make a difference through meaningful civic engagement to change our world and solve problems in the areas of education, environmental stewardship and poverty alleviation.