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Claudine Korall, Ph.d.

Dr. Claudine Korall serves as the Levant Foundation’s full time delegate based in Paris, France.  She is a semiologist, a cultural analyst and an inter-cultural interpreter. When working with institutions and industrialists, Dr. Korall enables the bridging between diverse thinking patterns and encourages mutual understanding during the interaction between cultures. Author of a doctoral thesis on "Overt and Covert Discourse as a Communication Strategy in the Face of Authority Figures", she has lectured at universities on linguistics, cognitive anthropology, gender studies, Judaic studies, and the semiology of covert discourse. Dr. Korall has recently completed a Post Doctoral fellowship on "The Message, the Messenger and Chosenness in the Hebrew Bible; A Semiological Analysis of the Intercultural Dialogue", at The Foundation for Interreligious and Intercultural Research and Dialogue.
Dr. Claudine Korall